Jackie Wilson and Danny Sales Engagement Announcement

Jackie Wilson, daughter of Mike and Paula Wilson of Rapid City , has become engaged to Danny Sales, son of Lenny and Mathy Sales of Bradenton, FL.

Wedding Date

Saturday, May 9, 2020


It was Christmas Eve, and Dan and I were spending the Holiday in Boston because I was unable to get time off from work. Before dinner, he suggested that we go for a walk along the Massachusetts Bay, close to where I live. Little did I know, our families were waiting to surprise us by the water. Dan had invited both families, knowing how special it would be to celebrate such a momentous occasion with our loved ones. When we came upon our families, I was completely bewildered. Dan took my hands, got down on one knee, and asked if I would be his wife. Overcome with emotion, I nodded my head yes and agreed to marry him. In retrospect, it was easily the best day of my life. It was a perfect proposal, and I am elated to be marrying this man.

Photos by Victoria Saint Martin's Photography

How They Met

Jacqueline was in her final year of college; I had a year to go. Neither of us had planned to go out that night, but friendly coercion is powerful. Trapped by commitment in a dark, crowded, booming basement, we both were actively seeking excuses to escape the party. As I was about to leave, a mutual friend called me over and introduced me to Jacqueline. She smiled, and I was happy to stay. We danced clumsy salsa steps to the set piece of a frat DJ, laughing as we actively tried to avoid each other’s toes. Warmed by the excitement of the night, I asked to see her again.

We met in a common hall a few days later, freed from the party's interference. The chemistry was instant. That evening, we talked from the early hours of the night until the waking sun began to turn the sky gray. We use “talk” as a catchall. It would be more accurate to run through the full range of emotions: we laughed until our eyes glistened, shared deeply formative memories, mayhaps even shed a tear (we won’t say who), and soaked in the person we now knew intimately- strangers only days before. The camaraderie and attraction we felt for one another was something neither of us could ignore. We both feel that a seed was planted that night, and we could not be more excited to show all our family and dearest friends, how much it has grown.