Erin and Kyle Doerr Engagement Announcement

Erin Miller, daughter of Chuck Miller and Melissa Waldron of Hill City, has become engaged to Kyle Doerr, son of Harold and Juli Doerr of Rapid City .

Wedding Date

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Kyle had big plans for our two year anniversary and the only thing he would tell me was that we were going fishing, but I didn't know where. Throughout our relationship fishing has been a big aspect. He has taught me how to fly fish and we both enjoy it. On our way to the mystery fishing spot we kept passing all of our favorite fishing holes! I couldn't figure out where we were going until finally we headed down the road to Spearfish Canyon. We had found a secret little spot on the creek with bridge a crossed it made out of fallen tree, and flowers all along the banks. This is where we went to "fish". He waited for me to catch a little trout, so I was distracted. After I released it, I turned around to see he was down on one knee in the middle of the creek. I don't really remember what was said after "I have a question for you." I, of course, said yes!! We then moved to the bank before slipping the ring on my finger. We didn't want to turn that very special moment into a huge disaster! We went to the Latchstring to get our favorite appetizer, the Asiago cheese dip, and some dessert to celebrate. It was such a perfect, unique proposal for us, filled with so many of our favorite things!

How They Met

Kyle and I knew of each other from high school sports and mutual acquaintances but we were not very close friends. In April 2014 we were reunited after I gave his roommate a ride home after the Jake Owen concert. We instantly started up a conversation, both pretty shocked that I had just waltzed into his living room at 2 am. I remember telling my cousin the next day how much I liked him. I then proceeded to blow him off for a few months before finally agreeing to go dancing with him in August 2014. He swept me off my feet and we've been together ever since!