Chelsey and David Bedortha Engagement Announcement

Chelsey Richards, daughter of John and Lisa Olson of Rapid City, South Dakota, has become engaged to David Bedortha, son of Leroy and Kim Bedortha of Erie, Pennsylvania .

Wedding Date

Saturday, August 26, 2017


After 3 years of dating, and half of that time was without each other, David was ready to pop the question. David planned the whole engagement while he was deployed, from purchasing the ring to the proposal. The first week back from David’s deployment was when it was supposed to happen. But Chelsey ended up getting really sick and it pushed the proposal another week out. The next week David knew it was the best time to do it.

Chelsey came home after a long day of work and class to David telling her, she needed to go to the backyard. Chelsey was asking a million questions, like always. David repeated several times to Chelsey to close her eyes and listen, then all of sudden lights came on and the backyard fence was lit up with the question, Will You Marry? Chelsey turned around and David was down on one knee with a diamond ring.

How They Met

David and Chelsey met through a mutual friend, which when first meeting there were no expectations of actually being together. The situation was unique in itself. Eventually it took a different direction once Chelsey and David realize they had more in common future wise than they knew. Since, David serves in the military a serious relationship wasn’t ever mentioned. The approach was more if we can make it through the first deployment, then it was serious. Well we made it through the first deployment and several more.