Breanne and Tyler Kveene Engagement Announcement

Breanne Hilt, daughter of Chad and Terri Hilt and Dawn Johnston of Rapid City, has become engaged to Tyler Kveene, son of Dan and Tammy Kveene of Rapid City.

Wedding Date

Saturday, May 14, 2016


I was so excited for our 7 year anniversary! I had planned for us to relive our first date by getting Taco Johns and watching Monster's Inc. at my house. I also had the BEST GIFT EVER for Ty... an Xbox 1!! I unfortunately got the stomach flu the day before so I was still feeling a little sick on our anniversary... I decided to tough through anyways!

I got home from work and set up my big tent in the living room with string lights in front of the TV. Ty came over and brought wine and the scrapbook I had made him a few years ago.... I thought this was weird because he usually isn't too romantic like that. We went and got food and came back to the house. When we finished eating dinner we were going to start watching Monsters, Inc.

I was so excited for him to open his gift I couldn't even stand it! So I asked if we could open gifts before we started the movie. He opened his X Box and was so shocked!! I was sure I had gotten the best gift. He got up and said, well yours is wayyyy better than mine, let me go grab it quick. He gave me a paper.. he had written me a letter. I read the letter and cried because he never does that type of thing. The end of the letter said, "I love how you are a chid at heart and never want to grow up. Will you never grow up with me?"

I was literally shaking! I looked at him and he got on one knee and asked "will you never grow up with me?" I hugged him and said "OF COURSE". Immediately I asked, "did you talk to my dad?" He laughed and said he did. His anniversary gift totally beat mine!!!!

How They Met

Ty and I met in 2007 when I was 16 and Ty was 18. We were friends for a couple months and he asked me to be his girlfriend in Stevens High Scool parking lot on November 19th. We both never knew we would get this far. I am so happy to say I am marrying my high school sweetheart. If there is one thing we have learned through our relationship so far, its that love takes loyalty and committment. I hope our love story can inspire our friends and family and show others that true love is unstoppable.