Ashley and Garrett Rowles Engagement Announcement

Ashley Ireland, daughter of Amy & Vincent Ireland of Rapid City, has become engaged to Garrett Rowles, son of Bob & Linda Rowles of Rapid City.

Wedding Date

Saturday, November 16, 2019


Garrett loves to do many things. He loves to play hockey, flyfish, and and ride his bicycle throughout the hills. This last September, he decided to enter the Dakota Five-0 race in Spearfish, SD with his dad. Since I was living in Spearfish at the time, and he was living in Kearney, NE, I was just really excited to be together for a long weekend! Little did I know, he had big plans for the weekend. September 2nd started off like any other day for a race day. We woke up early, got dressed and ready, and headed to Spearfish City Park to meet with everyone else. After we got there, the boys prepped their bikes with energy gel, water, and anything else they may have needed.

Next, we headed to the starting line, where we hung out and talked with friends for a while. As the boys prepared to take off, we prepared to take the pictures and follow them to provide support throughout the race. I was having a blast all day following the guys around and watching Garrett fly by on his bike among the rest. After all the racers had come in and Garrett was finished, it was time to party and announce awards. As we ate good food and drank great beer, I had no clue what was about to happen. The day before, I had signed up with Garrett for all sorts of raffle prizes and drawings. As the awards ceremony began, a few different people were called up to collect a prize from the table or come up on stage. Right before the major prizes and awards were announced, I was called up on stage. I genuinely thought that I had won, one of the raffles that we had signed up for the day before. As I walked up on stage, I was oblivious. As Perry began to talk, he called Garrett up on stage. At that point, I knew something was going on, as Garrett does not enjoy talking in front of huge crowds of people.

Then, my best friend of nearly 8 years got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of both of our families and many of our close friends. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this man.

How They Met

Garrett and I met way back when I was just 15 and he was 17. Almost 8 years later, we are still loving life together!