Ariana Hawkins and Tyrel Jacquot Engagement Announcement

Ariana Hawkins, has become engaged to Tyrel Jacquot.

Wedding Date

Saturday, June 2, 2018


My best friend and I were riding at her families ranch in Newell, SD. It was a beautiful day and typical ride for us until we reached the barn. I unsaddled my horse outside and my friend headed into the barn to do hers, making up an excuse that her horse wouldn't cooperate. As I came around the corner into the barn there was Ty, standing there nervous as can be holding one of the horses, Honey, and her halter read "Marry Me?". I was in shock as he got down on one knee and of course said YES to spending the rest of our lives together! The ranch is where we had our first kiss and where we will tie the knot next summer!

How They Met

We met in college at BHSU in Spearfish. We were both running up the stairs late for our physiology final. Without knowledge of each others plan, we both ended up going to SDSU nursing school in Rapid City, SD.