Amber and Jake LeLaCheur Engagement Announcement

Amber Rhodes, daughter of Don and Barbara of Box Elder, has become engaged to Jake LeLaCheur, son of Dan and Kreena of Rapid City.

Wedding Date

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Jake needed a day out of town and I wanted a day off from work. We went all over the Black Hills and then went to Armadillos for Ice cream. We got back to the house and decided to sit on the patio for a little bit. The patio was complete decorated thanks to some amazing friends. Since my 21st birthday was in a week, he decided to let me have my present early. Inside the box was a letter and a smaller present. (I struggled opening the smaller present. Inside as expected was a ring box with no ring but instead a small piece of paper that ended the letter. He knelt down beside me. He didn't even get the full question out before I said yes and sunk out of the chair onto my knees crying (Happy tears of course).

How They Met

We met as Cadets for the Rapid City Police Department.