Wedding Guest Etiquette

The top 10 tips to be the best guest at the wedding

Weddings are a big moment in a couple's life, and oftentimes, the bride and groom will invite family and friends to share in the celebration. Here are the top etiquette tips to be the best guest at the wedding.

Pre-Wedding Etiquette

  1. RSVP. You've probably heard it over and over again, and it's on your list to do, but as soon as you are able to respond to your RSVP, do.
  2. Read the RSVP. This is your ticket of information to one of the couple's biggest day of their life. On the card, there will be dates, times, and locations – and sometimes registry locations, room block deadlines, and detail information.
  3. Don't assume you can bring a plus one (this includes children). If the invite is addressed to "The Smith Family," then it is safe to bring the kiddos, but if it inviting "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," it would be best to check with family or friends to see if a sitter is needed.
  4. If you say you're going, plan to go. The numbers the couple gets from their RSVP will dictate a lot of planning decisions and if you say you will attend and you don't, the event numbers may be thrown off.
  5. If you have dietary restrictions, let the couple know in your RSVP. This includes allergies, vegetarian, gluten-free diets – not a "I don't like mushrooms" request.

Day-Of Wedding Etiquette

  1. Don't dress to compete. Plan to wear an outfit that fits the venue, is comfortable, and doesn't upstage (or match!) the bride and groom and their wedding party.
  2. Be on time! It's safe to plan on being at the ceremony 15-20 minutes before it's scheduled to begin. You wouldn't want to be walking in with the parents – or the wedding party!
  3. Respect the Bridal Suite. The bride and groom are getting ready for the biggest day of their life. You will see them! Just wait until after the ceremony to extend your congratulatory messages.
  4. Turn off your phone. (Vibrate doesn't count!) When you get a call during the vows, attention shouldn't be drawn away from the couple.
  5. Be mindful of the wedding vendors. These professionals are...well, professionals. They know what they are doing and they have talked to the couple about their wishes, as well.

and last but not least...

Have fun! The couple has spent months planning a celebration of a lifetime around their commitment to each other. Get up and dance, participate in silly games, and be sure to let them know what an amazing day it's been.