How To: Including Everyone for Large Families

Your big day is coming quickly and you have already finalized who your bridesmaids and maid of honor will be. But what about your family and friends that didn’t make the cut?

You love your family and believe that everyone deserves to have a role on your special day. If a loved one wants to help in your wedding but you aren’t entirely sure what to have them do, here are a few ideas!

Guest Book Attendant

Have one of your girlfriends, who is not a bridesmaid, be the Guest Book Attendant! Her duties would include greeting guests, encouraging them to sign the guest book, accepting gifts, and storing cards in a secure place.


Having a close friend or family member hand out programs before the ceremony is a great way to include them in your special day. Not only will they get a chance to meet everyone but they will also be able to relax the rest of the day!

In addition to passing out programs, you might want your guests to blow bubbles, throw confetti, or wave ribbon wands during the recessional. If this is the case, assign someone the task of handing out all those goodies before the ceremony!

Ceremony Reader

If your friend or relative is the type of person that enjoys public speaking, assign them a passage or poem to read during your ceremony. They will love having all eyes on them and will appreciate being included.

Ceremony Musician

Do you know someone who is musically inclined? Ask them to sing a special song or play an instrument during your wedding!

Reception Host

Invite someone that you are close with to help at your reception. While the wedding party is taking photos after the ceremony, many guests will head straight to the reception venue. It is the Reception Host’s job to welcome them, answer questions, and most importantly, show them where the bar is located!