All About the Sweets

From the traditional tiered cake to donuts to dessert buffets, wedding sweets have changed a lot through the years.

Taylor Whittle from Sweet Secrets Bakery has all the inside information for you and your spouse when it comes to deciding on your desserts!

Sweets Style

Is your theme more traditional? For couples who would rather keep the aesthetic of tradition, choose a tiered cake with a sheet cake for the guests. Typically, the top tier is frozen and eaten on your first anniversary or can be served to the wedding party. Do you need to know more about the terms when it comes to cake decorating? Go to Beginners Guide: Wedding Cake Terms for more direction!

For couples who would rather keep the aesthetic of tradition while incorporating a modern twist, choosing smaller tiered cakes along with cupcakes is a popular option. This will allow you and your spouse to have something a little special while reducing the hassle and time in dealing with a sheet cake for your guests.

More and more bakeries are seeing couples lean toward a non-traditional approach. One main reason for that is the traditional tiered cake with sheet cake can be very difficult to deal with. You might even want photographs of the cake set-up before your guests dig in, but that means you have to wait for someone to cut individual slices for guests. Taylor says a lot of couples are turning to dessert buffets. These can include cake-pops, brownies, cookies, and other sweets you may desire.

“Not everyone likes cake. A lot of people are starting to be more creative and fun with their wedding desserts,” Taylor says. Another trendy alternative that brides are turning to is donut walls.


Options for flavor are endless. Not only should you consider the flavor of the batter but the flavor of the icing, as well. Classic vanilla and chocolate are still in the loop, but pink velvet, carrot, and white-almond are three of the most popular flavors at Sweet Secrets. Taylor adds, “I’ve noticed cheesecakes are starting to become popular, as well.”

Keep in mind, if you want variety, a two-tiered cake can have separate flavors. Are you a chocoholic? Is your spouse a fan of raspberry? Get one tier of each flavor as a compromise!

Taste Testing

Taylor reminds us, “Just as you want the flowers to look good, you also want your food and dessert to taste great!”

It’s important to go taste testing at any bakery before you buy the final product. Whichever icing you think might go well with a chocolate cake might not pair well with another batter flavor, so it’s important to try all aspects of the cake. Schedule your tasting as early as a year but no later than a month ahead.

To make this process fun, go taste testing with your fiancé or maybe just the bridal party! If you’re unable to commit to a full tasting, it’s still important to meet your baker and get to know them. Let them know what you like, what you’re interested in, and what your theme is for the wedding. Do some research and talk to your fiancé before taste testing so you have an idea of what you want. Some bakers will let you just taste frostings if you already know the flavor of cake you want!

Pro tip: Talk to your baker about the services they offer. Will they come set it up? Do they have the ability to decorate it? Not all bakeries are able to offer delivery services, so you might have to designate a member of the wedding party to pick up the dessert the morning of.

written by sarah richards