10 Reasons to Consider a Small Wedding

The focus on your wedding day should be the love between you and your partner.

Sometimes in large weddings, you lose track of that focus and pay more attention to what the guests will want or what the small details should look like.

If you need more convincing, here are 10 reasons why you should consider a small, intimate wedding.

  1. Reduces your overall wedding cost and budget,
  2. Which means you can budget more for the honeymoon!
  3. Fewer guests means you can spend more time with the ones that are there.
  4. The day can be a little shorter.
  5. Your guests will feel like participants, not spectators.
  6. There’s less pressure.
  7. It can be as fancy or casual as you want.
  8. There’s less chance of something going wrong!
  9. You can create a more authentic reflection of your personalities and values.
  10. Venue and vendor options are completely open.

Keeping the focus on you and your marriage should be a key part of your wedding day. Some of the reasons for having an intimate ceremony and reception give hints to what our tips are including budget, guest list, etc.


When it comes to the budget, we’ve already added that to the list of pros. First, figure out how much money you have available between the two of you and your families. How much are you willing to spend toward the wedding versus the honeymoon? Think of what you absolutely need, and what you can cut back on. Splurge wisely. Think about your photographer or videographer, and choose between live music or DJ services. What type of venue do you think you’re both looking for? Plan for those in your budget and see what you have room for toward the end.

Destination Wedding

The Black Hills is a great place to host a destination wedding. If you aren’t from the area, but you fell in love with the ponderosa pines and adventure in the Hills, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Hire a wedding planner in the Hills to take care of the details, and invite your guests to share in your adventure as you start your journey as Mr. and Mrs. After the day is over, you can stick around and explore the area while honeymooning in the Black Hills.


Get as fancy or simple as you want. From a backyard BBQ to upgrading with hors d'oeuvres and several main course options depending on what you decide for the budget. Having a backyard potluck or BBQ can make your guests feel more involved rather than spectators, and creates a friendly, fun atmosphere for all. Appetizers and a served or buffet meal by caterers can help your day still feel like an elaborate party no matter what the guest count is.

You can also opt for an earlier wedding day and serve brunch! Who doesn’t love a little syrup, donuts, mimosas, and other fruity flavored breakfast drinks?

Pro-tip: Make things interactive by adding food stations to your reception!

Guest List

Narrow your list down to immediate family and close friends. Have a large family? You can always plan for a small ceremony and reception, and a larger party later on with everyone who couldn’t make it on the big day! For now, think of who you couldn’t say “I do” without. Parents, siblings, grandparents, your best friends from college or work, etc. Who has helped you on your journey as a couple already—any influential friends or family members?

You can even opt for standing room only at short-but-sweet ceremonies. Or literally surround yourselves with love, and take advantage of the small number of attendees. Give everyone the best seat in the house by circling the seating around where yourselves and the officiant will be at the ceremony.

Pro-tip: Make the reception entertaining and engaging. If you’re sticking with the backyard BBQ or potluck idea, consider having yard games available like giant jenga, cornhole, etc. and if you’re still planning on that elaborate reception, consider games like musical chairs to keep your guests involved while creating some fun memories.


Having a shorter guest list opens the doors to an unlimited number of venues to choose from. If you’re thinking simple, consider a local city park decked out with stringed lights, tulle, and a few rented benches or chairs for seating. Looking for a more elaborate scene? Most venues have a maximum couples need to heed, but because you have a small guest list, you don’t have to worry about venues being unable to accommodate. Shoot for the moon!

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